Landscape transformed- sewage plant and nature reserve

It is becoming clear to me that representation is a design method unto itself. More than just describing how a project will look, or its atmosphere, being able to manifest a design through constructed images lets clients see, react, feel, and make decisions about a design.

In this case our client did not know exactly what he wanted- only that he had a big problem. Building a sewage treatment plant next to a highly protected nature reserve is not the proverbial walk in the park. Tensions run high as all parties involved must come to an agreement and understanding about what goes where and who sees what.

The simple sequence of these photos shows that once construction is finished, the sewage plant need not be a huge intrusion into the reserve. And I’m not faking it, either. The first shot shows what’s there now, and the landscape I create in the images was taken in the same area, by turning around. It is the nature zone that will abut the plant.





As with most nature in The Netherlands, these fens will be designed and constructed. I still haven’t decided if it’s nature or design, but it’s beautiful. View 02 :