Landscapetable and Parckdesign featured on TV Brussels

Thursday May 8th marked the official opening of the new Thurn and Taxis park in central Brussels. A park of this scale has not been inaugurated in Brussels since the time of Leopold II. The minister of the environment, Évelyne Huytebroeck, gave an inaugural speech and toured the installations of Parckdesign 2014. A festive reception and farm-party followed which carried on until midnight, ending in celebratory fireworks, despite the rain. This was a key moment in the process of the project, when local initiatives were introduced to the larger public, with positive results.

I gave a short interview to TV Brussels, and inaugurate the Landscape Table with Mohammed, a local inhabitant from the Molenbeek neighborhood. Together we plucked the first orange from the table, hopefully the first of many harvests to come.

Click link to play video: