Spring 2009 – the year of Ecological Design


Back in Amsterdam from Brazil and after a week my senses have readjusted to the shift in seasons. In Brazil it’s always a summer of sorts, whether it’s rainy or dry, even in the temperate zones. What I enjoy in Europe is the slow build-up of energies, the first buds and blades of grass glimmering in a sunlight that gets stronger every day. There is a sense of expectation and joy as life emerges from its months of silence. Here in Holland we witness a riotous emergence of a multidude of gorgeous bulbs, and I will be showcasing selections from gardens around the region in the months to come.

I am also experiencing a renewal as I take my first steps as an independent designer after two years at DS Landschapsarchitecten. It feels great to focus on my own practice and beging to pursue the things that I feel most passionate about. So my intent is to begin afresh and make my intent clear through this blog which will be my research hub.

I am an ecological designer, which brings together the science of ecology with the dynamic creative processes of design. My goal is to bring inspiration and new concepts based on living systems to the fields of landscape architecture, urbanism, and industrial design. My practice is research based, aesthetically oriented, and intellectually driven. In this most challenging of times I hope to bring my energy and experience to projects that will build a vital, green, and inviting future.