WILDPOINTS: urban biodiversity network

TEAM: Jacques Abelman, Celine Baumann (celinebaumann.tumblr.com), YukaYoshida

STATUS: design research competition

The Wildpoints strategy creates a new form of urban green by actively seeking out new places for nature to colonize the city.

The biodiversity network of found and new Wildpoints allows insects, birds, and small animal species to establish themselves in micro-habitats across the city. Because the territories of birds and animals will be extended through the network, as well as seeds being transported by animal and wind, the Wildpoints will continue to evolve in richness.

This new living urban layer has additional functions— Floating plants will play a role in keeping waterways clean. Climbing green will absorb rainwater and help to cool buildings. The accumulated effect of vegetation surfaces will help remove particulate pollution from the air, as well as producing oxygen and acting as a carbon sink.

For humans, the Wildpoint network will be a new way to experience nature in the city. The web of life and ecological cycles will gain a new visibility. Abandoned lots will give way to colorful meadow patches. Unused infrastructure and building surfaces will feature beautiful green surprises around unexpected corners, teaching, relaxing, and delighting.